Grief Counseling

Grief is personal and each person handles it a different way. There is no set formula or time frame to overcome the grief and move forward.
There are tools and techniques that are proven to assist in the process of healing and taking steps to move forward.
Grief coming in many aspects of life: death, loss of employment, loss of a relationship, empty nest, addiction, trauma, and other loss.
We at Train and Equip Me stand for what we teach. We come along side you and meet you where you are at to help in the healing process.
Our method is proven to work. Are you ready to take next steps to heal?

Professional Accountability Coach

A Professional Coach works with you to identify areas you want to excel to your greatest potential. We at Train and Equip Me guide you to create a plan to make your dreams into goals and your goals into reality.

We take it one step further to ensure you are accountable to yourself to set the goals, create reasonable outcomes and accountable for the results.
The areas we can equip you in are: Personal, Financial, Spiritual, Nutrition, Employment/Career, Social Life and Family.
Stop with the excuses, let us help!


"I am so grateful to Mary Kovalcin for helping me navigate the waters of being an independent contractor in the health care business. She assisted me with online continuing education through Relias in order to get my California RN license. Mary assisted me in updating my resume and was helpful with the California labor laws in regards to RN independent contractors. Thanks Mary!!"

- Pamela

"Bankrupt financially, emotionally out of control, spiritual dry, 100 pounds overweight, and had a marriage that was about to fall apart.... this was the foundation that Mary had to start with in my life. Each time Mary and I met I was brutally honest, but meeting after meeting, Mary began to lead me to the healthier version of myself. She began to peel back the unhealthy layers that I had pulled over myself for so long. Mary spoke the truth in love and held me accountable to the work that I needed to do to become healthy. Today, we are getting ready to buy our first home, my marriage is the best it has ever been, I am in great physical condition with my 100 pound weight loss goal so close, and I am emotionally and spiritually in the best place I have ever been. It’s hard work. Changing my entire life was crazy work, but Mary has been there every step of the way! I am beyond thankful for her guidance and wisdom in my life."

- Melanie

"I recently was offered an opportunity to work with Mary. I needed a change in my life to better my health and over all well being. I turned to Mary for some help and advice. I have been training with Mary for 5 weeks now and absolutely pleased with the results. My health has done a complete turnaround, I feel stronger (physically and mentally), and have so much more energy. Mary is so knowledgeable and has a positive attitude at all times. Mary is a pleasure to be around and the best motivator you could ask for. Thank you Mary for caring and truly being there for me!

- Teri


Training and Educational Video [ coming soon ] in development.

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